1930 Raleigh Model Superbe X-Frame with Documentation

This Raleigh Superbe X-Frame was one of the most expensive bicycles that money could buy in 1930, and the top of the range Raleigh. It cost 16 Guineas or £16 16s as can be seen from the receipt below, dated 13th September. The purchaser, Mr Boston of West Derby chose to pay in 12 monthly instalments of £1 8s a month, as the ‘Gradual Payment Account’ card shows. Its interesting to note that ‘chrome’ was mentioned specifically on the receipt since 1930 was the changeover year from nickel plating to the more durable chrome finish. Presumably, in September that year, there were still some nickel plated machines left in stock, and it is mentioned in the 1930 Raleigh catalogue entry below that there is ‘No extra charge for Raleigh-Chrome plating if specified when ordering’. Also 28 inch wheels were specified as an optional extra, 26 inch wheels having become standard at that time. The bicycle is in wonderfully original un-restored condition, down to the original Raleigh inflator, and clearly had little use if the pedal rubbers are anything to go by. It is fitted with a very rare Brooks Suplex leather mattress saddle. The lining and decorations are in 22ct gold as evidenced by the transfer on the chain case. The X-frame design, first used by Raleigh in the late 1890’s, makes for a stiff and strong frame, always a pleasure to ride.

Click on picture for large scale image


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