Eye-Eye Bicycle Saddle

I have been experimenting with new hand formed saddle covers for a titanium Brooks frame. A couple were unsuccessful as the V-cutout made the saddle sag badly. So, mated with a pair of genuine hand blown Victorian glass eyes, it became an artwork instead…. More practical bicycle saddles that I make are to be found here.

Examples of our Bespoke Bicycle Saddles and Leatherwork

Here are a few examples of leather saddle covers and other leatherwork that we have produced, mostly for Victorian and Edwardian bicycles. The customer supplies the saddle frame, sometimes with the original broken leather top, and the new saddle cover is hand formed on a custom wooden block, using the finest quality oak-bark tanned leather.


Here is a recent saddle cover that we made for a Crypto Geared front driver:





It included transfering over the original maker’s badge:


Examples of our work can be seen in the Velorama bicycle museum, Nijmegen, Netherlands, and in various private collections.














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