Barra Urago Mixte Randonneuse c.1950

This is Tomoko’s wonderful aluminium Barra dating from around 1950. It is badged ‘Urago’ who were the retailers in Nice, but was built by the great Nicola Barra. The tubes are the trademark Barra vertical oval at the head, to round in the middle, to horizontal oval at the bottom bracket and seat tube. See my randonneuse of similar construction here. In my opinion Barra was THE master of aluminium construction and this is a fantastic example of his extraordinary skills. The bicycle is fitted with all the best kit of the period….. Stronglight chainset, Cyclo gear, Maxicar hubs, Mavic rims, Trois Etioles spokes, Lefol ‘Le Paon’ mudguards. Brakes are Barra’s own design cantilevers with adjustable toe-in, and it is fitted with his typical fillet brazed steel stem and combined seat post clamp/brake pulley. The saddle is a rare ‘Elaedy’ made by Ideale. Condition is completely original and unspoilt. The machine is very light indeed, around 21lbs, and Tomoko reports that it rides beautifully!

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