Wanted Urgently – Maxi Tandem rear drum brake (tambour) Super Grand Tourisme 115mm, alloy flanges and 40 holes

I am in need of a Maxi Tandem rear drum brake (tambour) Super Grand Tourisme, 115mm, duralumin flanges and 40 holes, in good usable condition, for the René Herse tandem featured in the next post. The steel version is not suitable, and it has 36 holes. Please do let me know if there is one available to purchase.

My wife has recently undergone major surgery for a tumour in her head and she will be unable to ride a bicycle for many months.

I am trying to get the tandem finished so that she can enjoy some gentle short rides on the back of it as she is recovering.

I would really appreciate any help or advice on where to find one of these.

Thank you!

It looks like this….



Photo’s courtesy Alexander March