Superb Lugwork – 1950’s ‘Rivetts of Leytonstone’ English lightweight

Here is a wonderful example of lugwork on my early 1950’s Rivett’s of Leytonstone. Leytonstone is situated in East London. Most Rivett’s bikes that I have seen have had rather ordinary lugwork, usually Nervex, but this one is exceptional. The lug extensions are like swallows, and there are a total of 16 of them, including around the bottom bracket, very carefully cut and filed. I wonder if this frame was farmed out to another framebuilder such as Les Ephgrave, as somehow I think it unlikely that it is the work of ‘Slasher’ Beales… although maybe I am doing him a huge disservice – I stand to be corrected! Paint and transfers are original. I am doing some work on the bike and will publish further photographs when it is complete.

There is a useful article here about the history of Rivett’s.