Bicycle Posters – Part 2

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My last post on bicycle posters created such interest that I decided to continue the theme with some further examples. The Rouxel and Dubois poster above is something of a classic, much reproduced. Although the drawing is a little crude, the concept is wonderful with the tandem flying at speed into outer space, over 60 years before space flight actually took place for the first time, in 1961!

Other images such as the Griffon poster below, from 1910, emphasize the idyllic nature of cycling with a hearty picnic in the great outdoors, beautifully imagined.

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In the Terrot poster above, from the late 1890’s, their new chain design is featured. Unlike a conventional roller chain, the Lavigne patent chain features teeth which engage with rollers on the chainring and rear sprocket. It can be seen in more detail on my Terrot here.

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De Dion Bouton were one of the leading manufacturers of quality cars, but also made very fine bicycles, beautifully advertised in the classically elegant 1925 poster above, drawn by Félix Fournery.

In 1901, the 1200 Km Paris-Brest-Paris race caused a sensation greater than any race that preceded it. This was largely due to the fact that it was sponsored by two leading newspapers, including Henry Desgrange’s L’Auto-Vélo. For the first time there was a professional rider category in the race, which was won by Maurice Garin, in a time of just over 52 hours. As a result of the success of this race, Desgrange went on to initiate the Tour de France in 1903, the first edition also being won by Garin. Meanwhile, La Francaise Diamant, Garin’s bicycle manufacturer sponsors, took the opportunity to celebrate his success in the race in the patriotic poster featured below.

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