Visit to Brooks Saddle Factory

A while ago now I visited Brooks saddle factory in Birmingham. I came across my photo’s and thought I should share them with you. The process involves a considerable amount of hand work. First, the leather shape is cut from the hides of fully tanned and dyed leather. The leather is soaked in water and then pressed into shape in a hydraulic press. It is then set aside to dry. Then follows the trimming, name stamping and leather finishing work. The chamfering of the skirts on some saddles like the Brooks Professional is done by the gentleman pictured below in a deft piece of handwork, using a skirt shave. The metal saddle frames are made, formed and pressed in the factory on an assortment of wonderful old machines, in either steel or titanium. The saddle cover is riveted to the base either by machine, or by hand for the large copper rivets of some saddles. This is done by very skilful workers using a large hammer from a great height, with extraordinary accuracy! The saddle then goes of for checking and packaging. I was impressed by the skill and dexterity of the workforce, and by the individuals who keep all the old machines working by constantly maintaining them and making new parts for them in the engineering shop.

All photo’s on this blog are copyright T.Dawson and are not to be reproduced without permission.


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