Retro Ronde 2011 – The cobbles of Flanders

Last Sunday was the fourth time we have taken part in the Retro Ronde in Belgium. This is a really wonderful event…. relaxed, well organized, lovely vintage bikes, beautiful landscape, great people… and the famous cobbles of Flanders too! We decided this year to take touring bicycles for a change, so I rode my 1973 Alex Singer and Tomoko her 1970’s Gaidou. Although the route this year didn’t include the Koppenberg, we visited it the day afterwards. The cobbles have been beautifully restored over the last couple of years and the hill is now looking very handsome… see below. We were particularly fascinated with all the bits of bicycles that we found here and on the Oude Kwaremont, deposited there as bicycles have rattled up the hills. There are many professional photo’s of the event posted on the RVV website , which capture the atmosphere much better than I could, so below are some ‘alternative’ views, mostly taken by Tomoko.


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