Leather Cyclist’s Musette / Shoulder Bag

I was in a leather suppliers the other day and spotted some beautifully grained thick and very soft leather which I thought would make an excellent musette. I was looking at Rapha’s very nice ‘bonk bags’ but find them much to small to be useful. The original musette was basically a small feed bag but I wanted something a little bigger and more practical, of a similar simple construction. So, eight and a half hours and some 400 saddle stitches later I had my bag. Hand stitching is time consuming as each stitch is made with two needles, one at each end of the thread, passed through the same hole, which ‘locks’ the stitch. It won’t come undone like machine stitching does. The contrasting trimmings/straps are made from the finest oak bark tanned leather from J. and F.J.Baker, an English tannery which has been producing the finest leather for over 400 years ( and the only producer of oak bark tanned leather in the UK. )

The musette has an adjustable shoulder strap and is quite roomy. The picture below shows that it will accomodate a magazine, book, gloves, Mafac tool kit, wool cap…. and much more besides. On the back there are loops for an optional waist strap to keep the bag in place when cycling. It will improve and acquire patina with age.

If you want one please contact me for price and availability, but i’m afraid it won’t be cheap as the leather alone costs over £50 and the hand stitched construction is very time consuming…. eight hours for the second one! The one with the darker coloured trimmings is already sold. Each one will have unique variations.

click on photo’s to enlarge


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