Brooks Wool Saddle 1892

In the mid 1880’s Dr.Jaeger, a Swiss Doctor, advocated the use of animal fibres next to the skin and in fact for all clothing, as well as bed sheets, as a way to healthy living. Due to patronage by a number of prominent members of Victorian Society including Princess Charlotte of Wales, Oscar and Constance Wilde and Lady Harberton, Jaeger’s ‘hygienic’ clothing was very fashionable in the period, and buyers flocked to Jaeger’s London shop. Jaeger wool cycling suits were spoken highly of. The Jaeger name was later sold and is known worldwide today as a fashion brand. Here is a page from my copy of the Brooks 1892 catalogue advertising, rather extraordinarily, the option of Jaeger wool tops for saddles! I’m not quite sure how they were made, but it appears that the top is quite thick suggesting that it may be of a felted type of wool, moulded into shape, complete with Brooks stamping in the flap. Somehow I doubt whether it was very succesful! Does any one know of any survivors?

Click on image for better detail

Dr. Gustav Jaeger


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