125th Anniversary of the Rover Bicycle races

This last weekend was the 125th Anniversary of the Rover bicycle races of 1885, where new speed records were set for 50 and 100 miles, marking the availablity of the first practical rear driven safety bicycle, Starley and Sutton’s ‘Rover’. At a great weekend in the East Riding of Yorkshire, organised by Rover experts Tony and Elsie Huntingdon, there were over 50 Rover bicycles present, including an unprecedented ELEVEN Rover solid tyred safety bicycles. There are thought to be less than 40 solid tyred machines worldwide, many in museums, so it was a remarkable turnout. In many Eastern European countries, bicycles are still referred to as ‘Rovers’ after these bicycles which ‘set the fashion to the World’. Thanks to Tony, many of these bicycles are able to be used and enjoyed again.

SIX solid tyred Rover's in a row

Tony Huntingdon (on the right), the great Rover expert and wonderful engineer responsible for returning many Rover's to use, together with Bob Jones


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